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Windsor Votes: Ward 6

Unofficial election results from the City of Windsor.

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Note: Unofficial results released by the City of Windsor

Candidates for Councillor

w6-Frank Batal-webpic.jpgFrank Batal

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Platform: Some of us fail to plan, and some of us plan to fail. We must ensure --- each of us --- that on October 25, we vote to do neither.

Did the current council have a good plan? Is it time for a change? Look around at your neighbours --- working mothers looking for convenient child care, frail seniors dependent on taxis to doctors and hospitals, hungry people dependent on food banks, small businesses on every street are no longer in operation. Are they better off than they were 4 years ago?

The Chamber of Commerce gave council a failing grade and The Windsor Star published the result on September 8, 2010. Yet we are told we are moving forward although the average citizen does not feel we are. There is a lot left to do. Hard working tax payers expect their city council to provide stable conditions and to know they will not be penalized for doing a good job.

Most of our present councilors earn their living from the public treasury. An economic slow down does not lose them pay or cost them jobs. Do they really understand the distress?

Jo-Anne Gignac (Incumbent)

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CBC News contacted all candidates in mid-August, prior to the election, and asked them to submit a photograph, website address, Twitter and Facebook accounts as well as 200 words outlining their platform. The content here represents what CBC has received to date.