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Windsor Votes: Ward 3

Unofficial election results from the City of Windsor.

Position Name Votes
Note: Unofficial results released by the City of Windsor

Candidates for Councillor

Cameron Adamson

Platform: Windsor is a City I fell in love with over 10 years ago when I visited as a Wheelchair Track Athlete for the Windsor Classic Indoor Games. I fell in love with its beautiful Riverside parks, the energy of Downtown and, most especially, the hospitality and warmth of its people.

Since moving here for Law School, I fell in love with our City all over again. It is because I love Windsor that I decided to run for City Council.

It is time for a change on City Council. I want to be that change. I want to bring new ideas to our City.

Windsor faces many challenges. Our unemployment is the highest in Canada. Industrial Property Taxes are higher than the provincial average. Streets in need of repair and attention have been ignored for far too long. These challenges, and many others, will continue unless we bring new ideas and new experiences onto City Council.

I know what it is like to overcome challenges. I have overcome many in my life. One thing I have learned is that challenges cannot be overcome by trying the same things over and over again.

That is why I am running.

Rino Bortolin

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promo-w3-tristan-fehrenbach.jpgTristan Fehrenbach 

Occupation: Employment Counsellor | Video Message | Website

Platform: I have had the opportunity to work with several great political representatives over the years and have seen the impact that hard work and inspiring leadership can have on a community.

Since filing my nomination in January, I've had the good fortune to assemble an amazing campaign team, talk to thousands of Windsorites and conduct considerable research. I feel very strongly that Windsor is at a crossroads. There is a growing group of people who are dynamic, care about the city and have great ideas. It would be an honour to represent and promote their vision.

I am excited about Windsor's future, passionate about improving our neighbourhoods and dedicated to providing good governance.

My top two issues in this campaign are:

  1. Building a livable city. This includes a transit system we can rely on; better cycling and pedestrian infrastructure; parks that serve the community; active residents' associations; revitalized neighbourhoods and a vibrant downtown.
  2. Promoting a vision for a new economy. This includes fiscal responsibility, eliminating barriers to business success; marketing our low cost of living to attract investment; improving relationships with Essex County municipalities; support for arts and culture and promoting Windsor as a multicultural city.

Shan Hasan

(candidacy withdrawn)


w3-john-liedtke_edited-1.jpgJohn Liedtke

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promo-w3-Don-merrifield.jpgDon Merrifield

Occupation: Realtor | Website | Facebook

Platform: Don Merrifield brings over 10 years experience as a Realtor with the Windsor Essex County Real Estate Board, and the Merrifield family has an over 50 year history of business development and investment in the City of Windsor. Don Merrifield believes it is critical for Windsor to expand and solidify its vision for the future.

Critical areas that need immediate improvement include a continued promotion of our area to create a more diversified employment base for our residents. I believe that we can greatly improve Windsor by a reduction in Commercial, Industrial, and Multi Unit Residential Property taxes to attract more investment.

A review of all City services and departments to find efficiencies and cost reductions is required and at a minimum we need to hold the line on residential tax rates and look for ways to reduce them if possible.

We also need to deal with the issue of boarded up vacant properties and other areas of urban blight and continue diversification of the City's core to expand revitalization opportunities, including a permanent downtown market and redevelopment of brownfield properties to re-energize city neighbourhoods while creating business and investment opportunities, thereby slowing urban sprawl and increasing property values.


Shannon Porcellini

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Fulvio Valentinis (Incumbent)

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