Military manufacturing contracts

Windsor, known as a manufacturing city, has been at or very near the top of Canada’s unemployment heap for more than a year.

General Motors no longer has a presence in Windsor. Hundreds of Ford employees remain laid off. And Chrysler now only makes one product in Windsor.

There have been calls for and efforts made to diversify the city’s economy, which is still tightly tied to the auto industry. Moving to military manufacturing, which uses similar machining, tool and die methods and computer-aided design, may be a solution to the city’s manufacturing woes.

In London, for example, General Dynamics employs 2,300 people, who buid the Canadian Armed Forces’ Light Armoured Vehicle III. Thirteen local shops combine to employ more than 300 people and supply parts to General Dynamics. The subcontracts alone are worth $19.67 million.

The graphic below illustrates what kind of economic impact the production of one military vehicle can have on a community.*

General Dynamics Light Armoured Vehicle III

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Subcontractors on the Light Armoured Vehicle III Upgrade Project