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with Dr. Larry Ohlhauser

Wildrose's House Doctor is   Dr. Larry Ohlhauser who practices in Edmonton. His book and website are called The Healthy CEO.

Male menopause (6:00)
Mar 16: Today we're talking hormones. Not for women, but for men.  If you've been depressed lately, and your cholesterol levels are going through the roof, low testosterone may be to blame.

The forty year-old hormone (6:16)
Mar 09: Dr. Larry talks to women about the signs and symptoms that indicate you are not losing your mind, you're just experiencing perimenopause.

Eye care (6:15)
Mar 02: When dry eyes are an irritation or a serious medical condition. How to treat the problem.

Dental care (3:23)
Feb 23: We find out why our smile is the window to our heart's health.

Getting back in shape (5:42)
Feb 17: At this time of the year we might want more than just the snow to be melting. How about, say, 5 to 10 pounds of fat melting off our thighs and waists? Our house doctorgives us some words of encouragement to get us back in shape for springtime.

Heart health (4:34)
Feb 09: February is Heart Month. Dr. Larry brings us his five steps to a healthy heart.

Panic attacks (8:13)
Feb 02: Panic attacks can come on suddenly, without warning and be very frightening indeed. They come with real physical symptoms that bear remarkable resemblance to other conditions, such as stroke. It's important to know the difference and how to stop a panic attack in its tracks.

Meningitis (7:25)
Jan 26: Two new cases of meningitis were reported in Calgary last week. Health officials reminded the public that the two cases do not constitute an outbreak, but it is a reminder of the serious nature of a meningococcol infection in young children. In Alberta, 20 cases of meningitis are reported on average each year, of which about four are fatal. Dr. Larry talks about symptoms and types of meninigitis, and what to look for.

High blood pressure (6:23)
Jan 19:  One in five Canadians suffer from high blood pressure, but fewer than half of those people even know they have it. Dr. Larry with what you need to know about the "silent killer."

Seasonal affectiveness disorder (5:37)
Jan 12: For people who suffer from the winter blues, January and February are often the saddest months of the year. Our house doctor is here to tell us more about Seasonal Affective Disorder and how to escape those winter blues.

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