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Recent Information and Links

Calgary listeners can check out "Fixing the Climate",
a public event Wed. Jun 3 at 7:30 at the Pioneer Cabin in Park Hill with Dr. David Keith, Energy, Technology and Climate expert.  He was recently featured in Newsweek, Macleans and Alberta Venture Magazines and is this year's recipient of the Calgary Environment Award.
Donna will M.C.

WILDROSE PHONE-IN 12:30 to 1PM & 1:30 to 2PM:

June 02:  Raising auto insurance rates in Alberta -
the auto insurance industry says without the cap on soft tissue injuries, it needs a 40 percent hike.  What do you think is fair?   Our guest is Professor Norma Nielson,  the Chair in Insurance and Risk Management at the University of Calgary's Haskayne School of Business. 12:30

Jun 02:
We're talking teenagers today, the Millennials, with U of L sociology researcher and best-selling author Reginald Bibby. His new book is entitled The Emerging Millennials: How Canada's Newest Generation is Responding to Change and Choice. 1:30

Jun 01: From bailouts to deficits
and other goverment money woes, we discuss politics with our political panel and take your calls.  12:30

Jun 01:  Our personal fitness trainer
has some advice on how we can help our bodies recover from the stresses of exercise and ill-fitting running shoes. Reed Ferber, the director of the running and walking injury clinic at the University of Calgary is here. 1:30


Another Rocky Mountain House plebiscite on VLTs (7:49)
Jun 02: Taking a gamble on gambling. From a petition to a plebiscite, a group of pub owners is putting the return of Video Lottery Terminals to a vote in Rocky Mountain House. We talk to one of the bar managers in favour of bringing back VLTs, Jim Pogson and Rocky's Mayor, Jim Bague.

End of the line for Girouxville (9:50)
Jun 01: CN is closing the Girouxville line in northern Alberta. It's a move that many worry may cause the franco-Alberta community to disappear.

Creating safer communities in Alberta (8:38)
May 28: Alberta's Justice Minister and Attorney General, Alison Redford, shares her views on the need for safer communities across Alberta. She's been travelling the province talking about the government's safe communities strategy and tonight, Minister Redford will take part in a Calgary Police Service town hall at Rideau Park School from seven to nine o'clock.

Space rocks for sale (5:56)
May 28: It's not quite pennies from heaven, but it's pretty close. We tell you how one Lloydminster woman is cashing in after a massive meteorite slammed down near her house.

Beaverlodge fights to keep its hospital (6:44)
May 28: Some people in Beaverlodge, west of Grande Prairie, are worried about the future of health care in their community. And they're taking action. We talk to Andony Melathopoulos who's spearheading the fight to save the rural hospital.

NDP MP Linda Duncan in Bergen, Norway (8:46)
May 28: We touch base with the New Democrat MP for Edmonton-Strathcona, Linda Duncan, in Bergen, Norway today. Linda Duncan is part of the Canadian delegation that's been dispatched to Denmark and Norway in preparation for the upcoming UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen this December.

Context guy: BILL 44 (8:34)
May 28: It was a very long night for MLAs debating the ammendments to the ammendments of the Alberta Human Rights Act. Our context guy Naheed Nenshi takes a look at what the Stelmach government is accomplishing, or not, with Bill 44.

Alberta's first 2010 Olympics volunteer (8:17)
May 28: Calgary's Chris Brodeur is one lucky guy. He's the first Albertan chosen to be a volunteer at the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver. Chris will tell us what he'll be doing on the slopes of Cypress Mountain. VANOC is still looking for volunteers for the winter games, you can apply online at volunteer.workopolis.com or vancouver2010.com.

To ban or not to ban cell phones in cars (7:33)
May 25: Hang up the phone or get a head set.  Alberta could soon ban the use of hand-held cell phones while driving. It's already happened in Strathcona County, and four other provinces. We talk to Dr. Louis Francescutti, a physician and professor at the U of A, to find out why he wants the ban.

Historic Red Deer hotel comes down (5:27)
May 25: Despite appeals, petitions and protests, it's the wrecking ball for the historic Arlington Inn in downtown Red Deer. Demolition starts today. We check back in with the Red Deer man who did his level best to get City Hall from levelling this heritage building,
Tim Lasiuta.

Urban farming and edible forests (8:37)
May 25: There's growing interest in Alberta to an ancient approach to growing food. We dig deep into edible forest gardening with "the urban farmer", Edmonton's Ron Berezan.

The psychology of credit cards (8:15)
May 22: While the government cracks down on the credit card companies, the card companies push back. They turn to psychology and other nifty tricks to make sure we'll pay - in full. We speak to a noted business reporter, Charles Duhigg, with the New York Times about how credit card companies do business.

Calgary teens reach for the top (10:24)
May 22: Hands on your buzzers, alright teams, get ready to play Reach for the Top!  The long-running trivia show for teens is taping the Canadian finals in Toronto this weekend. We meet one of Alberta's two teams who will be competing there, Calgary's West Island College.

Calgary kart racers hit a speed bump (6:57)
May 22: There is light at the end of the racetrack, but will it be green, amber or red? The Calgary Kart Racing Club wants to take their need for speed to the town of Irricana where they hope to build a new venue for their sport. Club member Soren Christiansen is here tell us why there's some roadblocks in their way.

Bonnyville teen wins major science fair (10:24)
May 21:  Building a better wheelchair - a science whiz kid from Bonnyville picks up the top prize at the Canada Wide Science fair. We talk to 17 year old Gary Kurek about his achievement.

More Rocky Mountain Fairy Tales CD launch in Banff (11:55)
May 21: We talk to trumpeter and Calgary musician, Samantha Whelan Kotkas about her new children's music and stories CD, More Rocky Mountain Fairy Tales, written and narrated by Samantha. She's launching her CD in Banff this Sunday May 24th at the Rolston Recital Hall in the Music and Sound Building at the Banff Centre For the Arts at 3:30pm.

Sleeping naked is green (8:27)
May 20: We find out about one woman's journey from eco-cynic to greenie. Vanessa Farquharson set out on a mission to make one green change per day for a whole year. Vanessa is a journalist with the National Post.   Her journey is documented in her new book called Sleeping Naked is Green.

The "mighty bridge" turns 100 (9:09)
May 19: Celebrating the "mighty bridge" in Lethbridge. The High Level Bridge is an important landmark with its image captured by many artists and photographers. The Bridge is now 100 years old. It's centennial is the focus of a new exhibition at the Galt Museum and archives. We talk to curator Wendy Aitkens.

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