Canada’s Venomous Scorpions Glow As They Hunt Prey In The Dark of Night

This scorpion thrives where you’d least expect, in the southern areas of Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia.

The northern scorpion reaches 5 cm long and lives under logs, bark or rocks. They come out to hunt at night seeking insects and other small prey that they can grasp with their pincers.  Scorpions have poor eyesight and use a neat trick to avoid being eaten themselves.

They cast an eerie greenish, yellow glow under UV light.  Scientists believe that under UV light, their whole body functions as a basic eye which is capable of detecting light but not forming images. This allows them to perceive moonlight and starlight, and determine whether it is bright enough out for predators to see them.

They attack with stingers that inject a dose of paralyzing venom similar to that of spiders. No need to worry — they are not known to sting humans and don’t pose a threat.

The northern scorpion has evolved to hibernate during the Canadian winter and can live for up to two years.

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