Your body, your choice? Complementary alternative medicine show


An increasing number of Canadians are using Complementary Alternative Medicine (CAM). They're visiting chiropractors, naturopaths, homeopaths and massage therapists in addition to their MDs. But it's not always an easy choice. That's partly because the traditional medical community isn't always so accepting when it comes to alternative therapies. We'll find out about the barriers CAM practitioners face and what that means for their patients.

Brian speaks to Christina Machado, a Winnipeg woman who is taking herbs prescribed by her naturopath, Dr. Melanie Leppelmann, to treat her post-operative breast cancer. Her MDs called her choice to forgo chemotherapy and radiation "hogwash."

In the meantime, the rules around naturopathy remain inconsistent from province to province. Dr. Jason Bachewich tells Brian why naturopaths in Manitoba are fighting for their profession to be regulated as it is in some other provinces - something that would not only get them respect, but allow them more leeway to order tests and X-rays instead of having to "work around" a system that doesn't recognize them as medical professionals.

And finally, Heather Boon, a medical sociologist at the University of Toronto says whether or not MDs agree, they may soon find themselves working more closely with naturopaths and other CAM practitioners down the line.
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