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Nelson Dream Team Show

We have an extra special episode for you this week.  I travel to Nelson, BC for an up-close look at a place that's figured out a way to deliver top notch maternal care in a small community on the extreme West Arm of Kootenay Lake in the Southern Interior of British Columbia.

Nelson-560.jpgJoin us on Saturday, October 1 at 11:30 am (noon NT) and again on Monday, October 3 at 11:30 am (3:30 pm NT) on CBC Radio One.  Or click the link below to listen now, or download the podcast: 

Nelson was once famous for a gold rush in the mid to late 1800s.  Today, it's the home of some health care gold.  In this small city of just under 10,000 people, roughly 350 babies are born each year.  What's extraordinary is who delivers those babies.  One third are delivered by midwives, one third by family doctors, and one third by two obstetricians.

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Nurse Bullying Mailbag

Last week, we explored the troubling issue of nurse bullying, also known as lateral and horizontal aggression or violence.  After our Mother's Milk show on breastfeeding, which aired last season, this program has generated the second highest number of emails, as well as posts to our blog and to our Facebook page.  It's a difficult subject; one that generates reactions that range from anger to despair.  Click on the link to read a sample of the many emails we received from you. Read more »

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Nurse Bullying Show

There's a saying you hear in hospitals: "Nurses eat their young". Not doctors, paramedics, or physios, just nurses. This week, we explore the utterly common and disturbing phenomenon of nurse bullying, sometimes referred to as horizontal and lateral aggression or violence. I talk to two nurses who say they were bullied by nasty colleagues, and find out how it affected them and their patients. I also chat with Kathleen Bartholomew, a former nurse manager and one of North America's foremost experts on nurse bullying.

We're also looking for your stories about hospital parking, check out this blog post for more details. And you'll hear a column from medical student and blogger Shara Yurkiewicz on mastering the art of connecting with her patients.

Catch our show this Saturday, September 17 at 11:30 am (noon NT) and again on Monday, September 19 at 11:30 am (3:30 pm NT) on CBC Radio One. Or click below to listen right now or download the podcast:

Have you ever been bullied?  I have.  When I was 9 years old, I did Grades 3 and 4 in one year.  That was hard enough, but when I started Grade 5, I was the youngest and the shortest kid in class.  I was also an overachiever.  To this day, I remember being taunted on a daily basis by a bully named Michael - just for trying hard in school.  The experience so impacted on me that I'm quite sure one reason I went into medicine was to surround myself by caring people who never bully others. What was I thinking?

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