The indebted medical student

When I graduated from medical school, I owed the bank $9,700.  I paid the loan off in two years.  My little debt was chump change compared to the mountain facing many students today.  Medical school tuition is rising as though the schools themselves were filled with helium. According to a survey published in Maclean's magazine, first-year tuition ranged from a low of $7,499 at the University of Manitoba's faculty of medicine to a whopping $20,831 at McMaster University. Multiply that by four years - throw in two or three years of pre-med schooling not to mention living expenses - and you've got debt on the scale of a down payment on a house.  I don't think med school should favor the rich.  Maybe it's time to make tuition free.  Read my take in the current issue of Corporate Knights: The Magazine for Clean Capitalism.

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