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Sleepy Residents Show

This week, we rebroadcast and update our "Sleepy Residents" show from last season. Dr. Brian Goldman speaks with a panel of residents about how sleep deprivation affects their health, and yours. You'll also hear from a hospital VP who tries to keep patients safe from fumbling, overtired doctors. And a long-time ER doc talks about his controversial fix for staying awake on those long night shifts.

Since the show first aired in September 2009, there's been some changes in the US when it comes to national guidelines for residents' work hours. And a decision made by a Quebec arbitrator last week regarding a grievence filed by two Montreal residents could soon change things here too. Quebec hospitals will have six months to eliminate 24-hour shifts for medical residents.

To hear more about doctors and sleep deprivation, tune in Saturday at 11 am (11:30 am NT) and again on Monday at 11:30 am (3:30 pm NT) on CBC Radio One. Or click below to listen right now or download the podcast: