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This week on the show, we hear from you, on your side of the gurney. Patients speak up about their experiences and they aren't just ranting, they're demanding and getting reaction from the system. 

Madeleine Zeldin shares her story. She took on a big city hospital after her husband was the vicitm of medical errors. But instead of just calling her lawyer, she forced a meeting with hospital officals to get them to listen and change.

You'll meet a group of patients whose personal stories led them to create the Patients' Association of Canada, the first organization in Canada with the mission to make doctors listen to patients. It will hold its inaugural conference in Toronto on February 15.

And you'lI hear from a woman on a mission of her own. After the death of her mother in a Winnipeg hospital in 2001, Mimi Raglan did her own research showing that authorities may be under-estimating the number of medical mistakes.

Our show airs Saturday at 11 am (11:30 am NT) and again on Monday at 11:30 am (3:30 pm NT) on CBC Radio One. 

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