Knee-high Medicine - Advice for People with Clown Issues

On our show this week, we met 'Nuula', a therapeutic clown at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto.  Listen to the show and you can hear Eman Mirza delighting in the the company of Nuula as she undergoes renal dialysis.  Rosa, a nurse in the Renal Dialysis Unit, talked about having to overcome her "clown issues" in order to be comfortable in the presence of therapeutic clowns.

The Canadian Association of Therapeutic Clowns is a professional association founded in 2005; currently, it has a membership from coast to coast of over 45 therapeutic clown practitioners.  The association defines a professional therapeutic clown as one who is specifically trained to work in the health care field, abides by a code of ethics, is committed to being a regular presence in the health care setting, collaborates routinely with other members of the health care team, engages in on-going training and development, and receives appropriate remuneration for the work.

Click here to learn more about the Canadian Association of Theapeutic Clowns.

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