Public Health, Private Lives: Thank Yous

Today's live chat held in conjunction with the CBC News series Public Health, Private Lives was a great success.  If you joined the chat as it unfolded, you were treated to an energetic discussion of stress and burnout among health professionals, the roots of the problem, the effect of stress and burnout on patients, and strategies for dealing with the problem. 

I was joined by a stellar panel of experts: Dr. Irmajean Bajnok, Dr. Susan Edwards, Dr. Peter Lin, and Francoise Mathieu.

Jump to the live chat page to read their bios and find out what you missed.

And here are podcast links to past episodes of White Coat, Black Art that came up during the conversation:

Stress show (aired 12/04/10)
Moral Distress show (aired 11/14/09) 
Mental Health show (aired 10/10/09)
Sleepy Residents show (aired 09/12/09)
Burnout show (aired 09/01/09)

Thanks again to those who participated.  Let us know what you think, hit the comments below.


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