Wednesday Mailbag

We had our usual high volume response to last week's show on MDs who are political activitists. 

Mary-Sue Haliburton of Nepean, Ontario writes:

"Dear Dr. Goldman, thank you for your extremely thoughtful presentation of the Quebec uranium issue and the individual and collective aspects of medical professional opinion in the debate in the public debate over the incipient mine.  There's a very real danger of contaminating the water supply.  As some residents pointed out, they would not want to raise their children in those circumstances.  I commend the doctors for standing up and objecting to uranium mining."

Dr. Peter Ross of Montreal said there are other stories in Quebec that merit a dose of MD activism.  "Dear Brian, I used to practice emergency medicine like you.  I have changed careers and am now studying environmental science.  I loved your show today about the Sept-Iles doctors.  Even more worrisome is shale gas drilling in Quebec and the widespread contamination of our watershed.  It's our privilege to practice and our duty to protect."

It's a duty not all of us make the time for.  The fact some physicians, nurses and other health professonals are willing to put their jobs on the line for their principles is something that merits our admiration.


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