New Season of WCBA kicks off!

We're back Saturday September 11th with our first ever full season of White Coat, Black Art. This year we're going to make a special point of weighing on the health subjects the whole country is talking about. As usual, we'll use those stories to reveal things about the culture of medicine.

This week we're taking on the Zamboni procedure, a form of angioplasty in which the veins that drain blood from the brain to the heart are unblocked. The theory behind the treatment is that the symptoms of MS are caused by blockages in the veins. It's a whole new way of looking at it. And it's a story that pits patient power against the highly entrenched views of the mainstream neurologists who treat MS. The more hype over the procedure, the less those doctors want to have anything to do with it.

But are doctors right to argue against spending dollars doing research on an unproven treatment? Or, are they putting their egos in the way of progress? First, we need evidence. is an independent website that critiques coverage of health issues by the mainstream media. We have its publisher, Gary Schwitzer, on the show this week. You can hear a preview below. For the rest, join us Saturday September 11th, at 11 am on CBC Radio One.

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