Bevel Up

Photo Credit: Nettie Wild

Street Nurse Caroline Brunt draws blood from a client in a scene from BEVEL UP: Drugs, Users and Outreach Nursing.

If you listened to the show this week -- what am I saying?! Of course you have!! -- you were likely as blown away as we were by the work Mike Dillon and Joan Saxton are doing at Klinic, in downtown Winnipeg. They aren't alone in their quest to care for the patients that nobody wants.

Bevel Up is a documentary about street nurses who minister to drug users in Vancouver's notorious Downtown Eastside. They ply their trade wherever they find their patients, taking blood in alleys for STD and HIV tests and thumping through flop houses handing out clean needles. Along the way the nurses reflect on
attitudes they bring to their work, and show us that giving people good health care isn't always what you think it is. The title of the documentary, Bevel Up, comes from a scene in which one of the street nurses educates a heroin addict how best to use a needle in order to save his tired veins from collapse.

Bevel Up: Drugs, Users and Outreach Nursing is available through the National Film Board NFB

But you can catch the film at 7 and 9:15pm, Thursday May 15 at the Vancouver International Film Centre. Two members of the outreach street nurse team will join director Nettie Wild for a Q & A at the end of the screenings.

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