More on the Money!

Thanks to all of you who have posted entries in response to our show both on doctors and money and to my most recent blog entry "Show me the Money!" I'm impressed by the number crunchers who have done the math and have tried to figure out just how much doctors do and should earn.

One point deserves some clarification. We asked Dr. Tom Faloon, a family physician in Ottawa who also teaches business skills to doctors through the Canadian Medical Association, to itemize the costs of running an office, which he did quite ably. Among those expenses, he mentioned that Electronic Medical Records are an added expense to physicians in practice.

Since the show aired, Dr. Faloon sent in some further remarks that you can find elswhere on our blog. I thought I'd also post an excerpt of his comments in this entry:

"A well designed EMR system is an effective and efficient tool that greatly assists the GP and their staff, consultants and allied care givers to offer comprehensive care. EMR also ensures that the medical record is always legable when many traditional paper charts are not. The cost however will continue to be a hurdle unless ministries of health offer more assistance for all GPs."

I endorse Dr. Faloon's comment that electronic medical records are easy to read and more comprehensive than paper charts. I also agree that any onerous costs involved with buying a EMR system should not be borne solely by the doctor.

I think the issues surrounding electronic medical records are a story well worth doing on our show.

Thanks to all and keep listening and posting!

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