Alert: we've been pre-empted!

White Coat, Black Art is pre-empted on Monday, February 25 for Canada Reads. We'll be back on Friday, February 29 for our encore presentation at 8 pm.

If you want to hear the show before then, download the podcast as of midnight tonight. Or listen to it here:

Do you 'Google' your symptoms? You're not alone. But how good is 'Dr. Google' in helping figure out what ails you?

We've teamed up with Spark to test a couple of cyberchondriacs on their ability to self-diagnose. Last week on their show we gave Tammy and Ben a list of symptoms and sent them to the Internet in search of a diagnosis.

This week White Coat, Black Art, brings Tammy and Ben back to see if they're ready to graduate from the 'Google School of Medicine'.

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