Goldman Hosts Healthcare Leadership Blog Tuesday August 20

Medical mistakes cause as many as 23,000 or more preventable deaths at Canadian hospitals each year and upwards of 100,000-200,000 per year in the U.S....

Can a Pharmacist Replace Your GP?

Many Canadians see pharmacists as professionals who dispense prescriptions and warn them about side effects. But several provinces think that pharmacists can do a lot... Read More »

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Few people enjoy being admitted to hospital. Still, when the doctor says stay, most patients agree. But as many as one in ten patients leave... Read More »

The Language of Cancer

We're back on the air today with a holiday special. The Language of Cancer" is a feature-length interview with Siddhartha Mukherjee the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of The...

Brian Sinclair is Why We Need Medical Whistleblowers

Our first all-new episode of White Coat, Black Art is on whistle blowers in health care.  More precisely, the show is about why there are... Read More »

Season Premiere: Blowing the Whistle on Bad Medicine

Chelsea (formerly Bradley) Manning, Julian Assange, Edward Snowden - just a few of the high profile whistle blowers generating headlines in 2013 - which is... Read More » <


Jamie McKinley: Tribute to a courageous man

Jamie McKinley, who was a guest on White Coat, Black Art last season passed away on September 1, 2013 at his home in Beaver Harbour,... Read More » <

Andrew Bousfield: extended interview

We've had a tremendous response to this week's season premiere, "Blowing the Whistle on Bad Medicine." For those of you interested in hearing more, we're... <


MDs Who Throw Each Other Under the Bus

As you heard on this week's episode of White Coat, Black Art, MDs don't like to blow the whistle on incompetent colleagues. But it turns... Read More » <

Lakeridge Has Its Head on Straight

This week, the Quebec government unveiled its proposed "values charter".  The charter would ban public employees including those in schools, courts and hospitals from wearing ... <

When the Patient is Racist

White Coat Black Art looks at one of medicine's most uncomfortable secrets: the patients who discriminate against the growing ranks of health professionals who belong... Read More » <


Racist Patients & An Enabling Medical Culture

This week on White Coat, Black Art, we tackle one of medicine's most uncomfortable secrets.  If in the course of their duties, a doctor, a... Read More » <

Brian Sinclair & Whistleblowers: Manitoba Health Minister Agrees

Two weeks ago, I wrote in my blog that the circumstances surrounding Brian Sinclair's death after waiting some 34 hours in the ER of Health... <

Turning Patients Into Health-Care Partners

White Coat Black Art visits Kingston General where they fixed their leaky health care boat by putting patients and loved ones at the centre of... <


Dr. Arya Sharma, Bariatric Specialist - In-Depth Interview

Dr. Arya Sharma is Professor and Chair in Obesity Research and Management at the University of Alberta.  He's one of North America's foremost experts in... <


Google Glass & Medicine: Promise and Peril

Earlier this year, the public got its first glimpse of Google Glass  -  part smart phone and part computer packed into a nifty set of... Read More » <

Dr. Don Low and Nagui Morcos

Last year, Nagui Morcos - a man with Huntington's disease - took his own life because physician assisted death is illegal in Canada. Now, in... Read More » <

Six Bariatric Equipment Must-Haves for Hospitals

This week on White Coat Black Art, you'll hear about the need for highly specialized bariatric equipment in our hospitals. It's a necessity to ensure... Read More » <

Medicine's Big Fat Bias

This week on White Coat Black Art: The big fat bias in health care. According to Statistics Canada, close to 5,000,000 people in Canada are... Read More » <


Retirees Creating Perfect Storm of Heart Disease

Rates of high blood pressure and diabetes are high enough in Canada and retirees are at particular risk. But a study just published in the... Read More » <

First Nations: Second-Class Health Care

As the inquest into the death of Brian Sinclair begins again in Wininipeg White Coat Black Art looks at whether First Nations patients sometimes get... <


Dr. Alika Lafontaine: Extended Interview

Dr, Alika Lafontaine is the vice-president of the Indigenous Physicians Association of Canada.  He's an anesthesiologist in Alberta and he spoke to Dr. Goldman for... <


Dr. Marcia Anderson DeCoteau

Dr. Marcia Anderson DeCoteau is the past-president of the Indigenous Physicians Association of Canada. On our program First Nations: Second Class Care, she revealed how she... <


E-cigarettes: No Smoke...and Mirrors

E-cigarettes allow people to 'pretend-smoke' by inhaling an electronically produced vapour.  Proponents say it's a great way to quit tobacco. But an editorial just published... Read More » <


Six Funny and Effective Medical PSAs

We heard in the office the other day that the PSA is passe.  The PSA is of course the public service announcement: those helpful commercials... Read More » <

One of the Faces Behind the Assisted-Suicide Ruling: Nagui's Choice

Today the B.C. Court of Appeal affirmed Canada's law against assisted suicide. Last year, a B.C. Supreme Court judge struck down the law against doctor-assisted... <


The Drug Shortage: An Encore and Update

This week on WCBA we bring you an encore and an update on Canada's critical prescription drug shortage. We first talked about the shortage on... <


Guest Blog: Dr. Jackie Duffin - Big Shortage, Little Action

By Jackie Duffin MD ProfessorHannah Chair of the History of Medicine, Queen's UniversityThe Scope of the Shortage   The generic drug shortage continues, and no one seems... Read More » <

CPR Survival Rate in Hospitals: TV vs. Real-Life

The answer is CLEAR!  TV loves CPR. Those beautiful and handsome doctors on prime-time medical dramas will stop at nothing to restart a heart in... <

Slow Code

This week on White Coat Black Art, host Dr. Brian Goldman looks at the Slow Code: the Code Blue procedure that's all show and no... Read More » <


Poll: Should "Scrubbing In" be scrubbed?

This week MTV Canada debuts a controversial reality show about nurses. "Scrubbing In"  follows a group of travel nurses assigned to work at an... Read More » <

The DNR Discussion

DNR is code for 'Do Not Resuscitate."  It's a signed order in a hospital chart telling attending staff not to start CPR if a patient's... <


Assisted Suicide in Canada: The Discussion Continues

This week CBC-TV's The National begins a documentary series on assisted suicide in Canada. It's a subject we've covered extensively on White Coat Black Art,... <

Wading into Weed: Medical Marijuana

This week on White Coat Black Art: Medical marijuana --  the new system for providing it to Canadians and why much of organized medicine wants... Read More » <


No Show Patients

More than four million Canadians can't find a family doctor. But the ones who do sometimes appear to take their physician for granted. A surprising... Read More » <

Web Chat: How should medical marijuana be regulated?

Today November 14 from 1300 ET to 1400 ET.You will be able to access the web chat here on the White Coat Black Art home... <

Fighting the PTSD Battle

On this Remembrance Day edition of White Coat Black Art, we honour the medics and counselors who are fighting to heal psychic wounds that came... Read More » <


Five of our Favourite Celebrity Medical PSA's

On this week's show we'll be talking "celebrity medicine" --  why stars talk about their sickness and what, if anything, it means to you. As... Read More » <

When Stars Get Sick: Celebrity Medicine

Most of the time, it's kind of hard to be entertaining when you're talking illness and health care. But this week on White Coat, Black... Read More » <


Montel Williams: Extended Interview

This week on our show about the impact celebrities have on our health care choices we featured and interview with US talk show host Montel... <


New US Cholesterol Guidelines Lead to Backlash

Heart disease is a leading cause of death here in Canada. Earlier this month, two leading heart organizations in the US released new guidelines that... Read More » <

The Drinks of Choice for ER Patients

... <

WCBA's News You Can Use

This week, a departure from our usual format. We're bringing our take to three stories that have been in the news lately. Earlier this week a... <


"Is there a doctor on board?" - Erin Sullivan's Mid-Air Delivery

Dr. Erin Sullivan was enjoying a quiet flight from Amsterdam to Calgary.  Then came the six dreaded words: Is there a doctor on board?  She... <


Now You're Just Some Patient That I Used to Know

There are few bonds tighter than the one between patient and doctor...especially when the doctor is a cancer specialist whose patients receive chemo and radiation.... Read More » <

Dietitians Fed Up With Gluten-Free Claims

Thanks to books like David Perlmutter's Grain Brain and William Davis' Wheat Belly, the gluten-free food market is a multi-billion-dollar industry.Some so-called experts are painting ... <


The Physician and The Prisoner

This week, what happens when a doctor is asked for his unbiased medical opinion but later finds himself compelled to become an advocate instead?  Dr.... <


Why Can't Gynaecologists Treat Male Patients?

In September 2013, the American Board of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists announced that doctors could no longer call themselves gynaecologists if they treat male patients. Late... Read More » <

Dr. Stephen Xenakis on Omar Khadr - In-Depth Interview

In this White Coat Online Exclusive, you can listen to Dr. Brian Goldman's extended interview with Dr. Stephen Xenakis.  Xenakis, a retired U-S military psychiatrist... <


The Guru and the Hackers

This week on White Coat Black Art, Dr. Brian Goldman looks at the rocky relationship between health care and information technology. Dr. Goldman and medical... <


E-Patient Dave: Extended Interview with Dave deBronkart

Dave deBronkart has a radical message: patients should use health technology and the internet to grab the information often kept hidden in their medical files... <


MDs Can Do More for Soldiers with PTSD

A study published in July 2013 in the Canadian Medical Association Journal found that fourteen percent of Canadian Forces who served in Afghanistan have been diagnosed either... Read More » <

Organ Donation - The Heart of the Matter

This week, in the spirit of giving, we take a look at organ donation.Canadians like to think they have better health care than their neighbours... Read More » <


What If Organ Donation Became A National Cause?

The latest government figures show that more than 4,500 Canadians are on the transplant waiting list. And one in five will die before a donor... Read More » <

The Dragon Slayers

Holidays are a time when we  share stories of hope and inspiration. On this week's show, we have two stories of young patients we're calling... <


Extended Interview: Helene Campbell

In 2011, Helene Campbell was diagnosed with an often-fatal lung condition and underwent a risky double lung transplant. We heard from her in last week's program, The... <


2013 Health Year in Review

T'is the season for lists.  Since everyone in the media seems to enjoy looking back at the biggest stories of the year, I might as... Read More » <

Lessons from the Hudson for the Hospital

This week, on our last program of the season, we bring you a couple of our favourite interviews from a previous program and something new... Read More » <


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