We're back!

We're happy to say White Coat, Black Art is back on air as of July 1st.

We'll be filling the summer airwaves with some of the best of the last season of White Coat, Black Art. First up is a show in which we try to answer the question that vexes so many pregnant women: why is it that the ob/gyn who ushers you through nine months of morning sickness and back pain and hormone swings is so very rarely the one who shows up to deliver your baby??

Tune in Wednesday at 1 pm (1:30 in Nfld) and every Wednesday for the summer, for the best of WCBA.

And come September we'll be back with a whole new bunch of episodes. We love to hear about what you've seen and experienced from either inside or outside the health care system. Send us your stories and story ideas to whitecoat @ cbc.ca

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Hi Dr Goldman and CBC staff.
When ever I can I listen to your show.It is very informative and tackles controversial topics in a very equitable manner.
I have a suggestion for the show. Given the present crisis in our health care system with regards to access to services,could you please shed light on a resource that is avaliable in Canada that has gone untapped? I am speaking of the role of the Nurse practitioner and the barriers that exist that does not allow the NP to work &/or work to their full potential.

Joanie Jenkins MN NP, August 12, 2009 1:04 PM
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