Is there a 'Doctor House' in the House?????

For the past three weeks, we've been asking for your questions about the health care system in preparation for the 'Ask Dr. Brian' show. Your answers will follow on the December 15th episode of White Coat, Black Art.

Here's a question we just couldn't resist telling you about right now.

Samantha Lazier of Toronto asks:

While I understand that the Fox TV character is fictional, I'm curious, who (if anyone) is Canada's Dr. House?
Is there a doctor or a team of doctors who practice medicine in this way? Specifically diagnosing the patients who defy diagnosis in the traditional sense. I hope you can shed some light on this question.

So, you medical and non-medical types...who do you think deserves the honor of being called 'Canada's Doctor House'? Knowing Dr. House, you can approach the question from the standpoint of his diagnostic acumen or his distinctive bedside manner. We don't care which. Just post a reply on our web site. Or, you can email us at whitecoat@cbc.ca or call us toll free at 1-866-648-6714.

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Dr. Brian, I don't really know if house is all that smart or just keeps hurling expensive diagnostics until he hits the bull's eye. All at the expense of his subordinates. I don't know if calling someone "Canada's Dr. House" would be an honour. The last thing our patients need is a substance abusing bitter egomaniac who relies on his subordinates to do all the heavy lifting. I sure wouldn't want to see him around our place. The lobby pharmacy is a nice innovation. They must have the most relaxed narcotics control laws in the world. D

Dan Adams, December 1, 2008 9:02 PM

Maybe, but the one redeeming quality which House has is that no matter the circumstances, methods and/or criticisms, he never gives up in finding the solution to the patient's concerns.

Sandi, December 28, 2008 1:49 PM
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