"I'm Not Dead Yet" Contest Winners

For our final show of the season, White Coat, Black Art is taking a close look at one of the last taboos in our society -- death. If you didn't catch it, tune in Friday, June 20 at 8:00 pm (8:30 NT), or download the podcast on our web site.

As part of our show, we heard from an extraordinary woman named Karen Da Silva, a long-term breast cancer survivor who beat her doctors' grim prognosis. To help her fight against the odds, and to keep her spirits up, she formed the "I'm Not Dead Yet" club. Karen kindly donated thirteen of her "I'm Not Dead Yet" buttons to give away (we said we'd give ten but those of us who work on the show decided to contribute ours' as well).

Well, we got deluged with requests. The winners are:

1. Allison Calvern. Fredericton, NB
2. Daniel C. Kelly, Halifax NS
3. Monica Lake-Monro, Ottawa, ON
4. David Yorke, Toronto, ON
5. Andrew Brooks, Toronto, ON
6. Marie Peacock, Kenora, ON
7. L. Robinson, Winnipeg, MN
8. Beverley, Walker, Edmonton, AB
9. Chris Taguchi, Cochrane AB
10. Kathy Beaupre, Yellowknife, NWT
11..Tricia Irwin, Gibsons, BC
12. Philip Clement, North Vancouver, BC
13. Rick Uyesugi, New Westminster, BC

Thanks to everyone who requested a button. If you didn't manage to score one, don't despair. For a nominal fee, Karen Da Silva has plenty more. To order one, log ont her new web site:

I'm Not Dead Yet Club

That's it for the current season of White Coat, Black Art. Special thanks to two extraordinary producers who made this show possible every week: Carma Jolly, our resident genius with sound, and Quade Hermann, our senior producer, who steered the ship and kept yours truly from crashing into the rocky shoals.

And thanks to you for showering our blog and our email box with hundreds of kudos, occasional brickbats, and many many story ideas. We'll be back this Fall with all-new episodes of the show, and we promise to put your story ideas to good use.

In the meantime, why not put your feet up and listen to the best of White Coat, Black Art, all summer long. You can tune in Mondays at 1130 am (noon NT) and Saturdays at 930 am (10 am NT), following an abbreviated version of The House.

And keep checking our web site. We promise to remind you of upcoming encore shows. And, we'll be asking for your contributions via the blog, email and our vox box as we work on stories for the Fall.

That's medicine -- from my side of the gurney. Thanks for listening.


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Thanks for an illuminating season Dr. Goldman. You're one in a million. I can hardly wait for fall, to see what's under the next rock you overturn.

riv, June 20, 2008 9:49 PM

I have followed this series with much interest. My daughter died 12 yrs ago after a long battle with Budd Chiari. She had 3 liver transplants & a kidney transplant with the last liver. The nearly six years of mostly good & sometimes bad medical care was an eye opening experience in more ways than one. One of the things we encountered on a regular basis was the issue of 'non compliance'. I always asked 'on what is your decision of non compliance based?'. I never , ever got a satisfactory answer.
I have found every program interesting & helpful.

shirley lockhart, July 5, 2008 10:22 PM


I am so happy that I stumbled onto your program Whitecoat/Blackart. I have heard most of the episodes and really appreciate the variety and quality of the persons you have on the show. Your natural unbiased views are reassuring that there still are qualified, competent medical people out there despite all the horror stories we sometimes hear about the medical profession.

I look forward to the new fall episodes and trust CBC will continue to broadcast quality programming that is different from the mainstream.


Kathy Gray, July 24, 2008 4:13 PM
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