When Dreams Take Flight

When Dreams Take Flight is a film about dreams and dreamers, a film about people who are willing to risk life and limb to follow their hearts and chase a dream that has existed since the dawn of man.

Through a series of fascinating stories about brilliant, obsessed and often courageous characters, spanning six centuries and two continents, we will explore the genesis, myth and reality of why humans are compelled to fly like birds and what six hundred years of failed experiments have taught us.

If they are successful this small group of Canadians will have a place in the aviation history books.

But this story does not begin or end with Todd and his group of daring engineers. This exciting journey begins with the myth of Icarus, then travels through the dreams of DaVinci before moving into the 19th century with pioneers like Otto Lilienthal and Alexander Lippisch and finally landing with modern day characters like Yves Rousseau. Using VFX and re-constructions we will bring these brilliant and obsessive characters to life.

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