Reviews from The Austin Film Festival

I had a great time at the Austin Film Festival, I met some awesome people and saw some solid films. It's an amazing festival, well organized, great parties and a wonderful conference for writers. I would go back for sure.

There were a few solid reviews out of Austin. The Film Thugs gave a brief but positive review here: and did a comprehensive review of the festival and other films they saw.

A review from

The Austin Post Article that mentions the film.

One interesting thing that seemed a repeating theme out of feedback I got at the festival is that the film is too short. Now, really, I almost always feel like films are too long and fear falling into that trap so I'm heartened to hear that people wanted time, a feature doc. But for now, with what we did with the time and budget we had I'm really appreciative of all the positive feedback!

Upwards! (tune in to documentary - in Canada - on November 21st to watch the film)