I Never Thought I'd Be Interested

Well, truth be told, I would have thought I would be the last person to make a documentary about a human-powered ornithopter.

Not because I'm not interested in the world or even science...I am...but it's not where I generally first gravitate to. My last film 'Capturing A Short Life' is about parents and families dealing with a loss of an infant in the first few months of life. A number of years ago now I made a film about men serving life sentences in Canadian penitentiaries.

So this morning when my husband sent me a link to a story about students who got their pedal-powered human powered helicopter off the ground and I went right to the article to check it out, I realized that the inner geek in me is alive and well, mostly thanks to Todd, Dr. D and the gang and their passion for their project.
Two weeks to rough cut and a lot of work for me to do! Yay!