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CBC Radio science columnist Torah Kachur starts from the premise that there is no such thing as waste, just wasted resources. As we try to clean up the mess we’ve made of the planet, Torah explores what can be done with everything from our leftover food to our nuclear detritus.

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Labour Day Waste Warrior Special

What a Waste host Torah Kachur talks with people from across Canada about their amazing ideas to solve their waste issues. This is the Waste Warrior edition of What a Waste.

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Zero Waste

Host Torah Kachur goes on the quest for Zero Waste and she finds people who are actually achieving that goal.

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This week on What a Waste - all of the other types of waste that pile up - we're calling it the leftovers edition. From paper to cigarette butts to tires, it's our garbage catch all. Host Torah Kachur talks scientists and innovators like Amanda Tatum w

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Waste Water

By 2030 nearly half the global population will face water shortages. This week on What A Waste, host and molecular biologist Torah Kachur tackles our waste water problem.....and finds solutions small and big.

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Gaseous Waste

Greenhouse gas emissions are the biggest problem to face the natural world today. On this week's episode of What a Waste host Torah Kachur meets scientists turning methane into plastic, vacuuming up smog in Beijing parks and even capturing cow farts, al

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Industrial Waste

We like to blame industry for our waste woes, but, it turns out, a lot of businesses are taking sustainability to heart. Motivated by the the huge cost-savings that go into reducing, repurposing and even selling their waste. Host Torah Kachur looks at th

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Space Junk

100 million pieces of space junk orbit the earth. Find out how to clean them up on CBC's What a Waste with host Torah Kachur.

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Human Waste

Torah Kachur finds out how flushing your pee and poop down the drain is also flushing away cash. Scientists are working to turn feces into medical treatments and cow urine into drinkable water.

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Nuclear Waste

Nuclear power is sometimes called the cleanest way to generate energy, but spent fuel cells are radioactive and dangerous for millions of years. Host Torah Kachur talks to scientists who are developing more efficient reactors and safer storage methods.

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Food Waste

Health officials estimate North Americans throw out about one-third of our groceries,while millions go hungry in other parts of the world. Scientists are working to turn that wasted food into plastic, animal feed, even fuel.

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50 million tons of electronic waste, including cell phones, computers and toasters are piling up every year, leaching poisons into soil and groundwater. Science is helping us extract valuable minerals like gold hidden within our discarded gadgets.

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