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Welcome to Weekend Mornings

Listen to Weekend Mornings Saturdays from 6:00 - 9:00 a.m. and Sundays from 6:00 - 8:30 a.m. on CBC Radio One with host Stan Carew.

Phone us at 1-888-737-0338 / E-mail Weekend Mornings:

Weekend Mornings is your chance to be listened to on the radio dial. If you have a story to tell, an idea you think would work on the show or a song you're longing to hear, tell us about it toll free from anywhere in Canada

If your request is for Saturday, we have to get it by 5 p.m. Thursday...if it's for Sunday, by 5 p.m. Friday...

Do keep in mind that because of the tremendous numbers of emails and calls that we get each week, we cannot always respond individually. Also, not all requests make it to air and we can't always play requests at the time that you wish to hear them. We'll do our best.

We air greetings at a specific time......

7:15 for Anniversaries

7:40 for Birthdays

Because of the number of requests we get for birthday and anniversary songs - sometimes three or four a week each - we've been disappointing people because we only have time to play one song at 7:15 and one at from now on we're going to take greetings only. If you're calling in a greeting make sure you tell us something about about the person or couple.


We play the contest at 6:50, 7:50 and 8:50 Saturdays.... and 6:50 and 7:50 Sunday Mornings.
A chance to win allegedly fabulous prizes... like a fridge magnet... or a kazoo!!