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Liner Notes: September 2013 Archives

WAM Sept 28-29 Liner Notes - Infinitely More

This week on Liner Notes husband and wife gospel duo, Gerald Flemming & Allison Lynn have combined forces to become INFINITELY MORE. Blending Gospel, Praise & Worship, Country, and Jazz, Infinitely More wants to create a fresh new sound for the ancient church. I asked them how they got into Gospel music.


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WAM Sept 21-22 Liner Notes - Crooked Stovepipe

Crooked Stovepipe are known as Newfoundland's bluegrass band. The group is celebrating 40 years together this year, and what better way to celebrate than a new album. And this week on liner notes, the band gives a peek at 'Live N Pickin'.


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Liner Notes - Sarah Budden

They started out playing acoustic songs at weddings...but it didn't take long for the group Another City to depart from their folk roots and return to the Metallica-loving roots. Theirs is a fast-paced, dance-ready, spill your beer type of sound. Sarah Budden is part of the band. She grew up in St. John's. Daughter of Dave Budden who owns West End Electronics. So, lots of high end electronic equipment - and enthusiasm for music - in her background. Sarah spoke to WAM host Angela Antle:


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