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Liner Notes: August 2013 Archives

WAM Aug 31- Sept 01 Liner Notes - Sonny Tripp

This week on Liner Notes, Angela Antle interviews St. John's band Sonny Tripp.

Their CD is called Zoo and they cite Nirvana and Dinosaur Jr. as inspiration.


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WAM Aug 24-25 Liner Notes - Don Brownrigg

Don Brownrigg broke onto the music schene with his 2007 cd Wander Songs. A collection of radio friendly, melodic tunes with solid songwriting.

Brownrigg who grew up in the Codroy Valley is now based in Halifax - and his musical talent and collaborations are now taking him all over the world. When I talked to him he was performing at the Calgary Folk Festival. Maybe all that travel is the reason it's taken him this long to come up with a second CD.

Whatever the reason , we're glad he finally got around to it. Don Brownrigg's new disc is called 'It Takes all Kinds to Make This World, I Find'.


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WAM Aug 10-11 Liner Notes - Tara Rowsell

Grand Falls gospel singer Tara Rowsell has just released her first CD, Eagle's Wings. It's a collection of gospel songs, including two of her own, and it comes after years of performing with friends and familly. I sat down with Tara to talk about Eagle's Wings. First I asked her what inspired her to record her first CD.


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