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Liner Notes: August 2012 Archives

WAM Sept 1-2 Liner Notes Rea

Time now for Liner Notes…..

Rea and Maria White are very busy 21 year olds. During the day, Maria White, a talented visual artist attends Memorial’s Grenfell Campus enrolled in the Fine Arts program.

After hours, Maria White becomes Rea, sharing her musical talents with a growing fan base on the provinces west coast.

And now Rea has just released her very first EP recording,” Green Popsicle”.

The St. John’s native is not sure what life has in store for her but for now her focus is,” Green Popsicle”.

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WAM August 25-26 Liner Notes Shamrock

Shamrock have been having a good time since 1993. That’s how long the guys have been playing selective club gigs along with a summer folk festival circuit.

Playing is considered their fun time away from the stresses regular day jobs. And when the fun stops so will Shmrcok.

But thank goodness for their growing fan base that fun has translated into many a good time and two CD releases. Thier latest CD,” With Us All The While” is pretty close to the sound you’ll hear at one of their live shows. And the guys wouldn’t have it any other way.

Brothers Tony and Chris Batton along with band mate Derm Eason paid a visit to our Liner Notes studio to chat with host Chris O’Niel Yates about the fun and the music, like this one,”Candlight and Wine”.

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WAM August 18-19 Liner Notes Danika Drover

She’s here, she’s there, she’s everywhere. Whenever she gets the chance Danika Drover loves to travel to far off places to meet the locals and take in all the culture she can.

In 2010 her travels took her to a place she had never been to before. Danika stepped on a local stage and took top prize in a local open mic contest. She then found herself in a recording studio laying down tracks for her debut CD,’Wanderlust”,

Last nite Danika officially launched,” Wanderlust” to a packed house at the Rock House here in St. John’s.

Danika knows this new musical journey is far from over, especially,’When A Girl Can Dream”.

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