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Liner Notes: June 2012 Archives

WAM June 30-July 1 Liner Notes Adrian House

Back in February when Adrian House entered the latest R.P.M. Challenge, he had no idea that he would walk away with the top prize.

Writing all the music, playing all the instruments for a full length album with a finished product in just one month was no easy feat.

Adrian recently released that material on his new CD,”Angel Eyes” .

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WAM June 23-24 Liner Notes Rik Barron

Time now for Liner Notes….. And today we feature a local artist who sang for his supper and then released it on CD… The song that is, not the supper……and he didn’t really sing, he played.

Rik Barron’s new CD is called,” Speechless, A Collection of Acoustic Instrumentals”.

That is definitely a good fit beacuse Rik has been voted Best Instrumentalist by the Newfoundland Folk Arts Council.

Rik has travelled all over the world making music. His present home is in Vermont on the northeast coast of the U.S. where he resides with his wife and his recording studio, Garriage Works. It was there Rik picked up his banjo while,” Waitin’ for Supper”.

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WAM June 16-17 Liner Notes Ennis

Since the Ennis Sisters literally grew-up on the local music scene, they have released eight commercial CD.’s. Performing all over the world, recieving multiple awards including a Canadian Juno award and spending time recording in Nashville, the ladies are finally home to stay.

With a new lineup and and name change, “Ennis” featuring sisters Maureen and Karen Ennis have just released their second CD,” The Fortunate Ones”.

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