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Liner Notes: March 2012 Archives

WAM March 31- April 1 Liner Notes Kellie Loder

Well today is the day for Kellie Loder…in fact it’s a very big day!!!

Kellie will be front and center tonight when the Juno awards happen in Ottawa. And she will be holding her breath when they announce the winner in the Contemporary/Christian/Gospel catagory.

You see Kellie has been nominated in that catagory for her work on her second independent CD release,” Imperfections & Directions”. This is pretty heady stuff considering that Kelly is only 23 and her musical background began in the central community of Badger and her families involvement in their church.

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WAM March 24-25 Liner Notes Baytown

Three young guys on skate boards under the warm summer sun doing boggers in a Conception Bay Skate Park. Does it get any better than that?? But then they relalize they have another passion…

Matt Cooke, James Lee Wright and Mike Dinn put down their skateboards and picked up a few musical instruments. Now, calling themselves,’ Baytown” they find themselves under the warm glow of the spot light performing origional music for a capative audience.

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March 17-18 Liner Notes Jim Fidler

And today we’re taking a trip “Up That River” with our very own Jim Fidler.

Though classically trained at the Maritime Conservatory of Music In Halifax, Jim’s musical taste’s quickly moved to reggae, traditional and world music. Jim has been performing for live audiences for over thirty years and in that time he has spread his musical talents to include producing, engineering and writing music for himself and musical friends alike.

His recording studio,” The Roots Cellar” located in St. John’s has churned out music that has found a home in the four corners of the world.

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