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Liner Notes

WAM May 24-May 25 - Liner Notes - Matthew Byrne

It's time for Liner Notes and this week our guest is Matthew Byrne.
Matthew is a member of the popular trad group The Dardanelles
but this week he's hear to talk about his first solo CD and how his family
the well known musical Byrnes of Placentia Bay shaped his love of music.


I asked Matthew who in his family  taught him the first cut on the CD
the song Lord Nelson.


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WAM May 17-May 18 - Liner Notes - Megan Marshall

This week on Liner Notes, we feature a young woman whose songwriting blossomed when she moved to Newfoundland and Labrador. We'll hear from Megan Marshall. Her she is chatting with Weekend AM's Angela Antle.

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WAM May 10-May 11 - Liner Notes - Dave Paddon

If you want to hear stories of extreme berry picking, cross-country turrs, bingo superstars,
beloved snowmobiles, and other such tales, Dave Paddon is your man.

Dave travels far and wide as an Air Canada pilot.

But when he's on the ground, he entertains crowds with his recitations at festivals and

story-telling sessions.

Now he's collected those recitations in a newly released CD.

It's called "Not a Word of a Lie," and it arrived in stores this week.

Dave is my guest today on Liner Notes. When he joined me in the studio, I began by asking

how he got started as a storyteller.

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