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WAM Aug 03-04 Booker Prize winning author Anne Enright

I remember the first time I heard Anne Enright read. It was the year she won the Booker prize and I was in my kitchen probably cleaning up after breakfast listening to The Sunday Edition. Michael Enright was interviewing this lovely Irish author named Anne and I was listening in a slightly distracted way as I wiped down the counters and fiddled around. And then this 'Anne' started to read from  booker Prize winning book: The Gathering. It was a fairly banal scene about a woman in a car driving to or from the airport but the characters voice lept out of the radio and I was transfixed...devouring and being devoured by the writing. and so it is a great pleasure to be sitting here with that same Anne - Anne Enright. This year's special guest for Winterset in Summer.


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