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WAM April 27-28 Sunday Scoff #1

Today we're launching a new feature on WAM called Sunday Scoff.

Every week we'll sample some creative Newfoundland cuisine and

visit with the province's foodies and chefs.

This week...I'm in the kitchen at Magnum and Stein's a fine dining restaurant on Duckworth street watching exeutive chef Chris Chafe whip up his version of Halibut and hash...

....and this is hash like you've never had it before.....roasted butternut squash, shallots, blueberries, spinach, maple flavour bacon and cara cara oranges.... he paired his halibut with a squab.

Chris just appeared as one of the contestants on the television Top Chef Canada..he's about 25 years old....I asked him how he got started as a chef.


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WAM April 27-28 Sheldon Smithens

If you've got a barn or basement full of great stuff - you're in luck. That dynamic duo - the "Canadian Pickers" - are making a return visit to our province. They'll be filming in June.
 Sheldon Smithens is one half of "Canadian Pickers".

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WAM April 20-21 Alan Doyle

Great Big Sea are on the great big road, touring great big North America in support of their new cd, XX.

That's twenty years, not XX strength booze in a jug.  XX is a  two-disc collection capturing many musical highlights from the band's career, plus six brand new recordings,

Yes, Great Big Sea are twenty years old and they're in the middle of their anniversary tour, headed towards Newfoundland in a week.

I caught Alan Doyle having lunch in a roadside diner and asked him how the band is celebrating their twentieth anniversary.

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