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episodes: February 2013 Archives

WAM Feb 02-03 Dominic Wrizile

I received an email the other day from a young man hoping to promote his new collection of poetry, The Epitome of Life.

Dominic Wrizile is the young man, and in his note he told me he'd come to Newfoundland from Uganda. I thought, now there would me an interesting tale for you to hear.

Little did I realize.

Dominic has an almost-unbelievable story to tell, about survival, hope lost and won again, and how he got out of East Africa to publish a collection of poetry in Newfoundland.

I began our conversation by asking him where he is from and how he got here.

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WAM Feb 02-03 Kelly Hill

You've heard Kelly Hill on the Weekend Arts Magazine many times in the past, bringing us surveys focussed on arts and cultural activities in Canada: how we support them, who attends them, or how much we spend on them.

Well this week, Kelly and his company, Hill Strategies, released a new study on how arts and cultural activities affect your health and outlook.  The report is called The Arts and Individual Well-Being in Canada.

I called Kelly Hill earlier this week and asked him just what was he looking at?

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WAM Feb 02-03 Greg Locke

Greg Locke's profile as a photographer lists international publication and awards for his prolific industrial, commercial, environmental and editorial work.

Greg is also a "fine" photographer, and his portraits and cultural work are well known.

But it has been fifteen years since Greg Locke exhibited any of his photographs. That changed this week, however, as Greg opened a show last night at Hava Java in downtown St. John's.

The NSO Portraits is a series that captures musicians. Some of the photographs are whimsical, some are humourous, some are candid ... all are fascinating.

I spoke with Greg yesterday before the exhibit opened and began by asking him, why wait fifteen years between shows?

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