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WAM Jan 5-6 Dr. Joel Heath

Beginning tomorrow in St. John's, and showing for four nights at Empire Theatres, People of A Feather hits the screen.  This film has won awards in San Francisco, Vancouver, New Zealand, Korea, Estonia and New York. The blurb for the film says in part: "Featuring groundbreaking footage from seven winters in the Arctic, People of a Feather takes you through time into the world of Inuit on the Belcher Islands in Hudson Bay. Connecting past present and future in a unique cultural relationship with the eider duck. Eider down, the warmest feather in the world, allows both Inuit and bird to survive harsh Arctic winters. But now both people and eiders face the challenges posed by changing sea ice and ocean currents disrupted by the massive hydroelectric dams powering eastern North America." The film is directed, produced and written by St. John's native, Dr. Joel Heath, and he joins me in the studio this morning, welcome to the Weekend Arts Magazine, Joel.
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