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episodes: January 2013 Archives

WAM Jan 26-27 Monica Walsh, Andy Jones and Steve Lush

For the third successive year, Kanutu Theatre is producing "An evening of Chekhov". This year, the Chekhov celebration highlightsThe Lady with The Lap Dog- A Short Play,  an original Andy Jones one act play adapting the famous Chekhov short story "Lady With The Dog."

The play is directed by Charlie Tomlinson and stars Monica Walsh and Steve Lush.  Monica is also the, what would you say, owner?  instigator? proprietor of Kanutu Theatre Company.

Monica, Andy, and Steve joined me in the studio.  On the way to getting Andy to tell me about his play, I asked him to tell us about the Anton Chekhov short story.

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WAM Jan 26-27 Elling Lien & Mathias Kom

February is on the horizon and the 2013 RPM Challenge beckons.

What is this challenge I speak of, you say?

Verily, to rise to this challenge, you should record 10 songs or 35 minutes of original material in the 28 days of February.  There.  Not many rules, are there.

Elling Lien is the editor of the Scope Entertainment magazine and a proponent of the RPM Challenge.  Mathias Kom is a member of The Burning Hell and a man who has successfully met the challenge.  They join me in the studio this morning.  Elling, welcome back to the Weekend Arts Magazine.

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WAM Jan 26-27 Andrew Staniland & Jason Caslor

The New Found Music Festival originated ten years ago with a focus on contemporary music.  Clark Ross, a composition professor at Memorial University's School of Music, founded the Festival to encourage both the creation and performance of new works.

Clark has stepped down from directorship of the festival.  Andrew Staniland and Jason Caslor, two profs you've heard from here on Weekend AM previously, now co-chair the event.  They decided to celebrate the tin anniversary with a nod to the works of Clark Ross.  And they also invited one very special guest to the event.

I spoke with Andrew and Jason this week and began by asking Andrew to tell me a little about the tenth version of the New Found Music Festival.

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