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episodes: September 2012 Archives

WAM September 29-30 Liner Notes Laura La Rock

Time now for Liner Notes….. Most of us have a bucket list of sorts, but most of us never get around to completing that list. Singer Laura La Rock was one of those people. That was until her boss literally passed away in front of her eyes. This shocking experience prompted Laura to quit her job and set about pursuing her dream of singing rock music.

Laura has turned her everyday experiences into rock gems for her new debut CD,” Law of Attraction”. Gems like this one,”Light My Fuse”.

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Suzuki Talent Education Program - 30th anniversary

We introduce you to some young violinists and fiddlers players - as young as four. They're just a few of the hundreds of children - and adults - who've learned through the Suzuki method in this province. Christina Smith is the Artistic Director of the Suzuki Talent Education Program of St. John's. Chris O'Neill Yates asked Christina, some of her STEP fiddlers students and their parents into our studio to talk about what 30 years of Suzuki education has done for the music scene in the province.

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Bill Rose - Johnny Bower Portrait

Bill Rose - like many among us - has fond memories of the old NHL. Maple Leafs goalie Johnny Bower played 11 years with the Leafs and won three consecutive Stanley Cups. Bill Rose has painted a portrait of Johnny Bower. It's 2 metres high. The portrait and Bill himself are off to Toronto to meet Bower and to show him the portrait. Host Chris O'Neill Yates chatted with Bill at his home in St. John's.

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