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WAM August 25-26 Ned Pratt

Photographer Ned Pratt’s background is in art history, but his love for the pictorial led him to a career behind a camera. He was photo editor on the Sunday Express for several years and his work has been published in MacLeans, the New York Times and Newsweek. His commercial clients include FPI, IOC and Fortis. Ned has illustrated several books, including the House of Wooden Santas and The Substance of Light - The Art of Mary Pratt.

Ned is noted for his fashion and food photography and just this week, he opened an exhibit of recent photographs at the Christina Parker Gallery in St. John’s.

The pieces are huge - feet by feet - high-quality digital prints of digital photographs. But they are tightly focussed. The subjects are individual sheds, or tractor trailer doors, or sides of ferries.

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