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WAM June 23-24 Al Pittman

His children’s classic, Down by Jim Long’s Stage has delighted children - and their parents - for almost forty years. His play, “West Moon” - while fiction - evokes a theme woven throufgh his life’s work: resettlement. Al Pittman’s work is steeped in the Placentia bay roots he left behind as a boy. But many of the themes he explored made his work a moveable feast to places such as Ireland. It will be 11 years in August since poet and playwright, Al Pittman passed away. This week, Corner Brook’s Theatre Newfoundland Labrador is teaming up with the March Hare for an evening of tribute to Pittman. Kyran Pittman is Al’s daughter. She joins us on the line from Little Rock, Arkansas where she makes her home. Anita Best is with us from her home in Rocky Harbour.

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