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WAM June 9-10 Liner Notes Heavy Horses

Time now for Liner Notes…. And today our guest pays a musical salute to the soundtrack of the good ole’ spaghetti western. The Heavy Horses and in particular the main man in the group, Justin Mahoney has always taken a cotten to the old westerns of the past, particulairly the music that grew out of those shut ‘em ups. It may be because he grew up in the rurual community of Steady Brook on a, “well” steady diet of Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson and other country music bad boys.

Justin graduated from Memorial University’s School of Music and then headed to Toronto to play in the big leagues. And play he did. Opening up for big name acts like Taylor Swift, INXS, I Mother Earth, Sam Roberrts and Johnny Reid.

With the realease of his latest CD,” Murder Ballads & Other Love Songs” under the guise of the moniker,’ The Heavy Horses”, Justin had Laurence Currie who has worked with our very own Emile Curran on her Juno winning CD as well as our mega folk group the Once, sitting in the producer’s chair.

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