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WAM May 12-13 Tara Manuel

The burg of Corner Brook shivers in fear … of the Tentacle’s Claw! Deep beneath the surface of Bonne Bay lurks the creature so fearsome, so blood thirsty, so devious, that a movie must be made about it.

Enter Tara Manuel and her band of enthusiastic monsters and victims to film a script about the mortal danger in which Corner Brook quakes.

Tara and her husband Michael Rigler had a dream … or maybe a nightmare! … to produce a B-movie, no-budget, creature feature, schlock horror show in Corner Brook. Be careful what you wish for! I spoke with Tara a couple years ago about her fascination with b-movies. You may recall Shadowy Souls, a puppet show she took around the province, so this week I rang her up in Corner Brook and began by asking her how low-budget is this new no-budget film.

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