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WAM April 14-15 Terry Hynes

Life can take us on some meandering journeys. One day you’re on top of the world. Retired, and finally steeped in that project you’d been picking at for years. Then you find yourself on the precipice, clinging to life. That’s the path Terry Hynes has travelled in the last year. At the end of his miraculous recovery, Tudor’s Dark Legacy, Terry’s first book was born. In this novel, Terry traces the infamous commander of the Black and Tans paramilitary organization, Henry Tudor. In real life Tudor fled almost certain assassination in Ireland and the IRA tracked him down to here, to Newfoundland. In Tudor’s Dark Legacy a cast of fictional charatcers follow him as well. The whole matter concludes in Newfoundland a quarter of a century later. Terry Hynes dropped by our studio this week to talk about his book. And how close he was to never finishing it.

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