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WAM March 31- April 1 Operation Homespun

Operation Homespun - the next Generation, an exhibition of contemporary knitting, opened at the Craft Council Gallery in St. John’s last weekend.

You’ll remember we helped get out the call for knitters to take up Anna Templeton’s traditional knitting pattern book and put a 2012 twist on anything they found in there.

Well, the results were overwhelming and the group show that was born from that competition proves the point - knitting rocks!

There are gloves and mittens, yes, but not like your grandmother’s or grandfather’s. There are scarves and sweaters, yes, but modern and trendy. There are even works in the show that were inspired by the book but that never saw the back of a sheep or heard the clack of a knitting needle.

Shirley Scott was one of the curators of the show, a well-known knitter in her own right. I visited the gallery this week and spoke with Shirley about Operation Homespun. I began by asking her about the response to the call for pieces.

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