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WAM March 3-4 Till We Meet Again

Award-winning filmmaker Nigel Markham is known for work that focusses on the North - Last Days of Okak, and Eye of the Storm, for instance, films that serve as portraits of the Inuit in Labrador, their lives, traditions and beliefs.

Nigel is back with a new documentary, Till We Meet Again: Moravian Music in Labrador, about the unique musical tradition of the Inuit.

Nigel investigated this remarkable tradition with the assistance and collaboration of Tom Gordon,Tim Borlase, the Nunatsiavut Government and the Moravian Church. And they also took along Kellie Walsh’s vocal ensemble, Innismara.

I invited Tom into the studio and we got Nigel on the phone and we chatted about Till We Meet Again. I began by asking Nigel where the idea for the film came from.

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