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WAM February 25-26 Michelle Butler Hallett

Ah … cultural tourism. Just what the heck is it? What are the pitfalls of promoting your culture as a tourist destination? When is the culture we present authentic, what we see … when is it constructed, what we want others to see? When are our lives authentic, what do we create for others to see?

Michelle Butler Hallett asks some of these questions, and many more besides, in her new novel, deluded your sailors.

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WAM February 25-26 Liner Notes: Terry Penney

Terry Penney is an award winning singer/songwriter. He has won a SOCAN song writing award, toured all over North America and parts of Europe and is gearing up for a 17 stop tour of this province. In fact he starts that tour at the Gander Arts and Culture next Saturday, March 3rd

But Terry has a bit of a problem. He keeps telling his wife that his present guitar is his last guitar. He even called his latest CD release,”Last Guitar”. But she knows the difference. Terry has owned over 60 guitars during his career.

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WAM February 25-26 Pat Byrne

This past Thursday, the Department of Folklore at Memorial University in St. John’s hosted an informal gathering to celebrate the work and career of Dr. Pat Byrne.

Pat Byrne is important not only because of his lengthy and illustrious academic career, but also because of his contributions to the writing and performing world of our culture. Pat practices and preaches.

Along with his brother Joe and Baxter Wareham, Pat created one of the earliest and most influential recordings in the renaissance of Newfoundland and Labrador culture, Towards the Sunset, in 1982.

Pat Byrne joined me in the studio to reflect and reminisce about his life in the arts in Newfoundland.

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