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WAM December 3-4 The Fountain

Last spring, a piece of art in Corner Brook got QUITE a bit of attention. The glass fountain at the Sir Richard Squires Building originally came from the Czechoslovakian pavilion at Expo 67 in Montreal. It was the work of Bohumil Elias, a well-known Czech artist. The provincial government planned to dismantle the fountain and store it, because it said the fountain was in a state of disrepair. Some residents of Corner Brook lobbied to save the fountain, and either keep it where it is, or move it to a new location. The province relented, and the fountain was saved, but it’s now been completely surrounded with metal fencing and netting. Phil Robbins is one of the people who lobbied last spring to save the fountain. He’s now attending university in Montreal. He spoke with Bernice Hillier of the West Coast Morning Show from Corner Brook.

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