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WAM November 19-20 Nicole Hawkins

Art and its component parts come in all imaginable shapes and forms.

As an example, take Nicola Hawkins, currently working as an artist in residence at The Rooms in St. John’s. Nicola is preparing for an upcoming show which opens in December. I visited with her this past week, and her work space looks like a dump. Literally. Nicola is creating her show using junk, recyclables and other found objects.

Some pieces are gigantic collages and others are paintings. There’ll even be sculpture and animation.

The show will be called Junk-o-Sphere, and it curated by Caroline Stone.

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While Nicola works still on many uncompleted pieces, she showed me one that is in its final form. I asked her to describe Slicing the Polar Pie, a collage with painting on three panels.