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WAM November 19-20 Behind The Scenes Marie Sharpe

Welcome to our a new, semi-regular Weekend Arts Magazine series, Behind the Scenes.

When you go to the theater or the art gallery, when you buy a book or a movie ticket, listen to a cd or a concert, you see not only the work of the artist, but you also see the hard work of many people toiling in the shadows who help the artists achieve their vision.
They are carpenters and gaffers and publicists and administrators and engineers and lighting technicians and guys who hump gear or paint sets or print tee shirts or staple posters to telephone poles. But without them, you would not see or hear the working artist.

They are people like Marie Sharpe.

Marie Sharpe has been the Costume Designer and Wardrobe Manager at the Arts and Culture Centre in St. John’s since 1974. Over this time she has created and catalogued a collection of over 25,000 costumes and accessories. As custodian of this enormous cultural resource, she has maintained the delicate balance between preserving and maintaining the collection, and making it available for amateur and professional theatre productions, and to the film and television communities as well. Anybody who needs to be somebody else for awhile!

Earlier this year, Marie Sharpe was recognized by the Newfoundland and Labrador Arts Council and presented with the 2010 Arts Achievement Award.

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